Golden Apple Award

Allendale-Fairfax Middle School teacher, Ms. Shernette Morgan wins Golden Apple Award from Channel 6 (WJBF).

The Golden Apple Awards for Excellence in Teaching & Leadership was the idea of Golden Apple founders Mike and Patricia Koldyke, who felt that excellent teachers did not receive adequate recognition for their contributions to building a stronger, better-educated society. The Golden Apple Award honors those who believe in the true spirit of teaching by making classrooms a creative and safe place to learn.Golden Apple receives approximately 1,000 nominations every year.

Allendale County School District Superintendent, Dr. Margaret Gilmore, stated that she is not surprised by this award.  

"Ms. Morgan is an outstanding 'champion in the classroom'  who uses successful innovative  strategies to engage students in her classroom.  Her passion and love for her students are both impressive and inspiring.  Whenever I visit Ms. Morgan’s classroom, I could stay in there all day watching her enthusiastic approach to teaching  and how scholars respond to her teaching practices," said Dr. Gilmore.

We are proud to have Ms. Morgan also as our Teacher of the Year! Congratulations Ms. Morgan. ACS thanks you for all you do for our scholars!